TourTie Tetris (coming on 2021)

You are almost leaving for a trip but...you have so many things to put in your suitcase! What should you do? Organizing all that mess and finding place for each thing you need seems like a tetris game. Practice organizing your stuff inside the suitcase in many different trips and countries around the world. Play the Tetris Suitcase and master your traveling skills! You should be fast...faster than the hare...and you will find a surprise along your journey.

Funzo (2020)

New! Puzzle game to practice and improve your skills in logic, attention and spatial reasoning with a lot of different matrix options to play. You will meet a set of peculiar characters along the way, from each of them you can learn something. Discover all the world that Funzo brings to you and train your brain finishing each matrix before time runs out!

Mahjong Fun (2019)

The traditional Chinese game now comes in a new version. Many different stages to apply your technique and strategy and match the pieces. Mahjong Fun! brings the classic idea of the Chinese Mahjong and a fun gameplay to develop your skills within different layout scenarios, from easy to advanced, in the company of all the Ares Gaming Labs characters. Let's start!

Dog Go! (2017)

Help Dog to go across the sky in this fabulous adventurous side scroller game. Keep away from Doctor Whiskerson and his many taps. Big clouds, twisters, ice clouds, storms, lizards, secret mountains, spaceships and many other enemies are trying to make Dog fail. Visit many places to make it to the cold mountain. The school of pilots is waiting for you. This game is available in Android.

Aresito (2015)

Long, long and really long time ago there were a Lord called Ares. He was best known to be the Lord of War in Greek Mithology. We also know there were a tree sacred to him and it was really difficult to get there because there were two guardian bulls and a big scary dragon. In this story you have to get the tree because the Golden Fleece is hanging there. Browse all worlds, manage how to defeat villains and fulfill your mission in this divine game.

Puzzle Ninja (2014)

Play the most simple game: Puzzle Ninja is coming soon on Facebook, Google Play, AppStore and Appworld. Guide this lost ninja through the different puzzle rooms and help him to find the exit. Remember the old puzzle games from your childhood with this arcade style game. This game participated in CODEAR challenge 2011, a game competition in Buenos Aires. It has the particularity of being developed with only five different elements.

Pockeland (2013)

Pockeland and Pockeland Lite are the first of many adventures based in the classic Pocketers. Pocketers are the old goods games from the 70s and 80s. Pockeland is just a revival organized in different adventures. First Pockeland release takes place under the sea, a place full of incredible secrets to be discovered. The game has the classic pocketer controls with buttons, accelerometer and joystick. Released in 2013 for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Facebook.

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