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Where the old good games from your childhood are made.

Dog Go!
TourTle Tetris
Space Ninja
Dog Go!
Tourtle Tetris
Space Ninja

About Ares Gaming Labs.

ARES GAMING LABS is the leading Latin American company developing cross-platform videogames, applications and interactive content. Management board have more than 10 years of expertise developing apps and games, building IT companies and as Game Design professors. The company is member of ADVA (Argentine Videogame Developers Association).

ARES GAMING LABS main markets includes North America, Latam, Europe and Asia Pacific. The company won many awards in the last years including finalist position at Intel Berkeley Challenge and the Gamescom grant 2013 by Buenos Aires Government.

ARES GAMING LABS was present in the latest editions of EVA (argentine videogame exhibition), one of the biggest fairs in Latin America. The team was also present at LA RED INNOVA introducing new projects.

Our experienced team works with the following technologies:

Company’s Philosophy is based on the bushido code from the martial arts.
Integrity. Heroic Courage. Compassion. Respect. Honor. Honesty and Sincerity. Duty and Loyalty.


TourTie Tetris(2018)

You are almost leaving for a trip have so many things to put in your suitcase! What should you do? Organizing all that mess and finding place for each thing you need seems like a tetris game. Practice organizing your stuff inside the suitcase in many different trips and countries around the world. Play the Tetris Suitcase and master your traveling skills! You should be fast...faster than the hare...and you will find a surprise along your journey.

Dog Go!(2017)

New release: Help Dog to go across the sky in this fabulous adventurous side scroller game. Keep away from Doctor Whiskerson and his many taps. Big clouds, twisters, ice clouds and many other enemies are trying to make Dog fail. Visit many places to make it to the cold mountain. This game is available in Facebook and Android.


Long, long and really long time ago there were a Lord called Ares. He was best known to be the Lord of War in Greek Mithology. We also know there were a tree sacred to him and it was really difficult to get there because there were two guardian bulls and a big scary dragon. In this story you have to get the tree because the Golden Fleece is hanging there. Browse all worlds, manage how to defeat villains and fulfill your mission in this divine game.

Puzzle Ninja(2014)

Play the most simple game: Puzzle Ninja is coming soon on Facebook, Google Play, AppStore and Appworld. Guide this lost ninja through the different puzzle rooms and help him to find the exit. Remember the old puzzle games from your childhood with this arcade style game. This game participated in CODEAR challenge 2011, a game competition in Buenos Aires. It has the particularity of being developed with only five different elements.


Pockeland and Pockeland Lite are the first of many adventures based in the classic Pocketers. Pocketers are the old goods games from the 70s and 80s. Pockeland is just a revival organized in different adventures. First Pockeland release takes place under the sea, a place full of incredible secrets to be discovered. The game has the classic pocketer controls with buttons, accelerometer and joystick. Released in 2013 for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Facebook.


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Awards & Press

ImpacTec - Singularity University

2015 Year

In 2015 our CEO introduced a new concept in game development: motivational games with added value. Impactec is one of the biggest challenges in the world that rewards technological innovators with a scholarship at Singularity University in the NASA Campus. We made it to the final.

Gamescom Grant

2013 Year

In 2013 we presented our elevator pitch to the Buenos Aires City Government and the Videogame Developers Association. Were one of the six teams selected to travel to the Gamescom fair. Gamescom is one of the biggest game fairs around the world. 2013 edition took place in the city of Köln in Germany.

Be Mobile Day

2013 Year

We were at the BeMobile day in Buenos Aires introducing our company and games as a story of success. After a year partnership with Blackberry developing games at the Blackberry Innovation Center, our team told the story in this event.

La Red Innova

2013 Year

Our team was introducing new games at La Red Innova Buenos Aires in 2013. La Red Innova is one of the biggest IT events around the world and we were introduced as one of the Blackberry Innovation Center's case of success happened in 2013.

Inicia Fundation

2012 Year

In 2012 our team was finalista in the annual challenge for the INICIA AWARD. Inicia is an argentinean foundation which promotes the creation and development of sustainable enterprises that contribute to the generation of economic, social, civic or environmental value to our community.


2011 Year

In 2011 we presented our business plan at the "Be an Entrepreneur" Challenge. We were one of the three finalists selected by the non-profit organization EMPREAR for being one of the more innovative startups with a solid business plan.


2010 Year

In 2010 our team participated at the Intel Berkeley Challenge. We were selected as finalists in the regional competition in Latin America. Intel Berkeley is one of the most famous technology competitions aound the world which provides entrepreneurial education and Silicon Valley immerssion. Selected startups are trained by Silicon Valley professionals under the best practices.

Desarrollo Emprendedor

2010 Year

Also in 2010 our team received the honor of being awarded by the Government of Buenos Aires city in the biggest challenge they organize: Desarrollo Emprendedor (Entrepreneurial Development). Our team was selected from a total of 3000 teams as one of the most innovative companies in the category "Originality and innovative development".